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How to Iron and Store Laundry

How to Iron and Store Laundry

Some advice is timeless. Try these solutions for making your laundry look its very best.

Try these handy solutions for making your laundry look its very best.


Here’s some less-pressing ironing advice:
• Move freshly ironed surfaces away from you as you iron.
• Iron collars, cuffs and hems on the wrong side first.
• Hold pleats in place with paper clips when ironing.
• Place a sheet of aluminum foil under your ironing board cover to effectively iron both sides of your garment at once.


For those times when you’ve mixed the lint producers with lint magnets, consider these lesser-known lint-removal devices:

• Tape
• Address labels
• Express delivery label pouches


Hang on! The laundry isn’t officially done until you’ve put everything away in its proper place.

• When tumble-dried clothes are dry — preferably when they are still warm — hang them up or smooth them out and fold them right away. Avoid having them sit and cool in a crumpled state.
• Clothes that should be folded include: T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, sweats — basically anything knit or stretchy.
• Clothes that should be hung include: creased or pleated items, button-down shirts, khakis — anything that wrinkles easily.
• Wooden hangers with a rod work for most hangable items. Choose padded hangers for fragile items, and hangers with rubber clips for skirts (metal clips might dent the fabric).


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