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Clorox Tablets


I recently moved from Ireland to America. I used Clorox tablets while abroad, and was wondering where I could purchase them in the US?


I am not familiar with the Clorox Tabs. I have seen several dry bleach tablets from Europe, but didn’t know that we sold them.

In the USA, there is not a market for almost any tablets in the laundry. Several companies have tried over the years, but the consumers have failed to respond positively. They seem to like the liquid version of detergent and bleach for its convenience and not having to worry about the dissolving issues.

The only dry bleach/tablet version that was most recently marketed was from Carbona. I’m not sure that they still market it. You might want to try our liquid bleach, Clorox® Regular-Bleach. Follow the link to see of video of me demonstrating how to use liquid bleach in the laundry –