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The Big Game

You don’t have to live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Baltimore to be excited about the big game this Sunday—you don’t even have to like football!  The back story of the two coaches—brothers!!—is enough to draw even the most disinterested fan into the hype.  Everyone wants to know what it was like to grow up in this famous football family, and if somehow, one brother has an advantage over the other.  One thing’s clear—this pigskin-loving family sounds a lot like the Clorox family—encouraging each member to do their best and meet life’s challenges head on.  What—yes, Clorox has siblings, too:  the powder and liquid formulations for Clorox2® Stain Remover and Color Booster!  Dry Clorox2® is the older brother because it was developed first.  Liquid Clorox2® is younger, and is actually the middle child now that Clorox2® also comes in a Pack (sort of like having a kid sister).

So which one’s the best?  Baltimore or San Francisco?  Liquid or powder Clorox2®?  Take a page out of the coaches’ family playbook, and don’t pick a favorite!  Recognize that each son (and younger sister!) is talented and has a unique set of skills to produce winning results.  Liquid Clorox2® can be easily used as a pretreater to target tough stains directly.  The powder formulation includes enzymes, and is great for presoaking away ground-in dirt. The pack can be easily added to the basket of your clothes washer, improving the performance of a liquid detergent without mixing forms in the detergent dispenser.  Regardless of which product you stand behind and cheer for, each of them will give you better cleaning, whitening, and stain removal than washing with detergent alone.  Depending on how much bbq sauce is left on your tablecloth after the big party, that’s something to cheer for!

And of course if you must pick a favorite, it’s San Francisco all the way!  Who are you rooting for on Sunday?