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  • Laundry Symbols

    Read those labels with care!

    Advice from our experts
    05/26/15 205381
  • Tips on How to Do Laundry

    An ounce of prep is worth a pound of lint. Take a moment to get your laundry ducks in a row.

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    05/26/15 148830
  • After I wash a load using bleach, do I need to run an empty cycle to eliminate any bleach residue?

    I have a standard washer and wanted to wash some whites with bleach. I wanted to know, after I wash a load using bleach, do I need to run an empty cycle to eliminate any bleach residue? I don’t want any of my color clothing to get ruined if the...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    01/25/16 22759
  • Issues with your washer’s bleach dispenser?

    My washing machine has a bleach dispenser and I washed all of my whites and put in about ½ of a cup. They came out fine, but I had a load of towels to wash afterwards. They came out with bleach stains all over them. So my question is, how do I use bl...

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    11/18/14 27161
  • Tips on Mixing Grays with Whites

    I wanted to address RB’s question from last week on mixing grays with the whites.I think it’s great that you have the sweaty clothes (exercise is great!!). And I know just what you mean about wanting to make sure they get clean and disinfected...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    06/08/06 4788
  • How much laundry (pants, shirts) per load?

    I have seen your video on bleach for beginners on Youtube. I need some advice on how to wash clothes in a Kenmore 500 top loader.How many pants and/or shirts can go in, but most of all how much detergent to    use for each load, also how much fabric ...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    03/12/15 19504
  • Removing Yellow Stains from Washing

    I’ve used Clorox bleach to clean my white t-shirts, but I’ve noticed yellow stains after washing them. I do my laundry at a neighborhood laundry that has front-loading machines. I dilute the bleach with a gallon of water and add it after ...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    02/04/10 20444
  • Removing Old Stains

    I have some old stains on a top that is mostly white with patterns on it. How do I get them safely removed without ruining my shirt? You may be able to safely bleach the top (and I actually expect that you can) depending on what it’s made of and whet...

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    12/30/13 9016
  • How to Wash & Dry Your Clothes

    Washing and Drying 101: A refresher course for even the most seasoned launderer.

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    05/26/15 18373
  • Gray Spots on Whites

    I have been having a problem with gray spots on my whites and light colors for years and cannot figure out the cause. I have changed washers, had my water checked, have different pipes installed, and always separate colors from whites, but I still ge...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    07/14/09 4586