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Discoloration from Oxi-Magic®


I miss read the directions and think I added too much Oxi-Magic® to my clothes. Is there any way to correct the discoloration that occurred?


I wish I knew more about exactly how you used the product, and what type of discoloration you ended up with. If you added too much Oxi-Magic®, but did allow it to dissolve before adding the clothes, you probably have overall fading. If you added it to the machine with the clothes before it started to fill with water, then you probably have multiple small faded spots that formed when the product initially dissolved while directly contacting the fabric. Oxi-Magic® is pretty concentrated until it can disperse into the wash water. With overall fading, there is not much you can do other than learn to live with the new color. With bleached spots, you can try coloring them in with a permanent marker—this works really well on black items, but is a little more challenging with colors because it isn’t always possible to get an exact color match.