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How do you remove bleach stains?


How do you remove bleach stains?


Thank you for sending in your question.  This sounds like a problem I actually have had to deal with myself.  I try to be careful with spray cleaners that include bleach, but even so I still occasionally end up with tell-tale light spots.  Unfortunately, bleach stains cannot be reversed–the color permanently shifts from the bleach exposure.  However, depending on how big the bleach stains are, you may be able to color them in.  This works very well on items that are black when you use a permanent marker like a Sharpie.  It’s a little bit harder with other colors, but if you have a good art supply store nearby, you can bring the item in and see if you can find a felt pen that’s a reasonably good match, enough to make it so you can keep using the item.  If you do find one that’s a good match, be sure to buy the pen and keep it in your laundry room because you’ll likely need to re-touch the spot after you wash the item again in the future.

I hope this information is useful–good luck, and let me know how it goes.