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Bleach Stains

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  • Bleach Stain on Shoes

    How do you remove a Clorox® Regular Bleach stain out of shoes? This sounds like quite a problem because stains caused by undiluted bleach are unfortunately not reversible.  The trick is to try to keep the shoes wearable by either camouflaging the sp...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    11/21/11 43266
  • Bleach Stains

    I was cleaning in the bathroom when a few drops of Clorox splashed onto my black cotton pants. Is there a way to remove the orange stains? I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you. Black cotton dyes are among the most susceptible to ble...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    11/20/08 4660
  • How Much Bleach Is Too Much?

    I would like to ask if you can use too much bleach in a wash load? Let me explain: My husband is a chef. His chef coats are 100% cotton. He will soak them over night in up to 3 cups of bleach, hot water, dish detergent and laundry soap (liquid right ...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    06/18/09 14656
  • Preventing yellow bleach stains

    I put straight Clorox® Regular Bleach2 on white jeans and now I have a yellow stain.  How do I remove the bleach stain? No matter what you are using bleach for, it should always be diluted and never used directly on a surface or fabric. Unfortunately...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    09/07/12 26445
  • Water Color Change with Bleach

    Why does adding Clorox ® Regular Bleach2 turn my water pink, and also stain my white items brown? This especially happens when I add detergent (All® HE).  Our water has silica, but that is it.  Could it be the pipes (PVC and copper)? It sounds to me ...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    12/12/11 12061
  • Blue Stain from Clorox 2®

    We used Clorox 2® to get pizza sauce out of our daughter’s school uniform.  While it took out the stain, it left a blue stain. How do I get it out? It sounds like liquid Clorox2® was applied directly to the stain (which is good for improved stain rem...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    09/16/11 6638
  • I just recently by accident spilled bleach on my new black hoodie. Is there any way to get the color back?

    I just recently by accident spilled bleach on my new black hoodie. Is there any way to get the color back? It has a butterfly design on it with different colors too because it’s an autism hoodie and my son has autism I’m sorry to hear about the...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    02/16/15 4423
  • Brown Water

    I use Clorox bleach for my whites. I recently moved and since then when I add bleach to the water in my washer, it turns brown and turns all of my white clothes brown. Is there anything I can do or add to stop this from happening? Sounds like you hav...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    06/16/09 8050
  • Bleach and Silk

    Need your help. I accidentally bleached a white silk top and it turned yellow. I didn’t realize it’s not suitable for silk. How can I turn it white again? That’s too bad about your silk top. I wish I had better news for you, but unfortu...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    09/14/10 6462
  • Removing Crystallized Bleach

    Our washing machine has a special port for liquid bleach. Unknown to us, the plastic port cracked, allowing some bleach to enter the housing of the washing machine. Over time, this bleach has rusted portions of the machines housing, as well as crysta...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    04/06/10 1652