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What Makes Clorox Bleaches So Special?

I thought it might be a good time to quickly review some of the special properties of Clorox Bleaches. Some of you may have seen the Sunday insert/coupon and logged on to check out my blog. I try to provide a quick source of laundry and product knowledge and allow you to provide comments or ask questions.

Whitest Whites Patented Technology

You may have seen this banner on some of our bleach labels and wondered what this is all about. Clorox scientists have known for some time that the wash water contains a variety of minerals and metals like iron and manganese that are introduced by water supplies, stains and soils. Unfortunately, these can react with sodium hypochlorite, our bleach active, and form color bodies that deposit and discolor/yellow clothes. The good news is we also found a special polymer, polyacrylate, that acts like a sponge in the wash water to quickly complex or tie-up the metals so they can NOT react with the hypochlorite or deposit on your clothes. Being the smart guys that we are, we patented this discovery and started using the best polymer in Clorox Bleaches. That means no other bleach, private label, store, warehouse, etc. will have this material and be able to protect your clothes like Clorox does. Thus, Whitest Whites Patented Technology is your assurance that you’re getting the best liquid bleach performance when you buy Clorox bleaches.

A couple of other reasons:

  • Over the years, Clorox has developed superior manufacturing techniques and quality control to insure that your bleach will be the best that we can make it. We are especially proud of our proprietary filtration process that removes impurities so your bleach won’t expire prematurely or produce oxygen in the bottle leading to bulging and bottles that can rock and tip over. We also manufacture in a variety of locations to help insure you will have fresh bleach on shelf to buy.
  • Finally, we have been viewed as the gold standard for disinfecting and emergency usage. We were the first hypochlorite bleach to be EPA registered and people feel comfortable knowing that Clorox Regular Bleach2 will be there to provide their disinfecting and emergency water purification needs.

Advice From Our Experts