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How Do You Get Out Bleach Stains?


How do you get out bleach stains


How large are the bleach stains and what color is the item with the stains on it?  Discoloration from accidental bleach exposure typically can’t be reversed, but sometimes you can camouflage it by using a felt pen to color in the light spot.  This works best using a black permanent marker on black items, especially when the spots are smallish.  If your item has color, then you have the best chance of matching the color if you have a well-stocked art store nearby with a large selection of felt pens.  You can take the item into the store and explain to the staff that you want to test the pens to see if you can find a color match to touch up the shirt.  If you find a good match, purchase the pen because you will likely need to touch up the shirt each time you wash it.

If your item has a large splotch of discoloration, then it will be more difficult to re-color the lighter area, but it may work well enough to keep the item serviceable.  If your item is black, your chances of success are quite high.  Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

–Dr. Laundry

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