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Busting Bleach Myths, continued

In my previous posting, I offered some “real deal” information on when it’s OK to bleach and when it’s not. I’m going to continue on that train of thought now as well.

MYTH: Laundry detergent alone is enough to clean your laundry. 
TRUTH: Nope, detergent alone leaves behind unseen “body soil” made up of body oils, dead skin flakes and sweat.  Yuck!  I’ll get into this more later, but adding disinfecting liquid bleach to your laundry will remove more of this gunk than detergent alone, plus it gets rid of odor-causing germs. 

MYTH: Your, or the neighborhood laundromat’s, washing machine is clean. 
TRUTH: Not rocket science here, but washing machines are a haven for germs. What’s really gross is that a microscopic layer of living slime can develop inside of the machine and dirt and germs make a home there.  Adding regular disinfecting bleach to at least one wash load a week helps prevent this build up. If you use a laundromat, make your first load a white one and use disinfecting bleach—it’s like mouthwash for your washing machine.

What are some of the bleach myths you’ve heard? There are various rumors out there and I’m interested in hearing from you.

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