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Bleach Instructions for an LG Machine


We recently purchased an LG front-load machine. After getting it home we found that it had no instructions. How much bleach do you put in a normal size load?


The User’s Guide for your washer should have been inside it. I would go back to the store where you bought the washer and see if they can give you one from a floor model, or at least show you one and provide you with an 800 number for LG so you can call them and request a copy. Until you have a User’s Guide you can review, look closely at the bleach dispenser for a “max fill line” that you can fill to. For best results, use the maximum amount the dispenser holds. Keeping the User’s Guide for as long as you own your washer is important, since it is the best resource to make sure you get the most out of your washer, and can help with troubleshooting if you ever have problems with your washer in the future.

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