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Scrub Singles

While I usually focus on laundry issues, home cleaning is another area I periodically write about. Take the foul smelling kitchen sponge: it has an odor no one likes, but everyone gets stuck with. The smell is particularly bad when a used sponge dries out and then gets wet again. And the odor stays behind — on your hands, on your counters, in your sink, on anything the sponge touches.

That foul smell used to put me in a foul mood, making what could be a quick and easy task beyond unpleasant. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. I recently picked up a box of new Clorox® Scrub Singles for my kitchen to try out, near the end of an unusually hectic and stressful December. I’ll admit things had gotten a little out of control, namely the really messy kitchen that I couldn’t ignore any longer.

Oh, how nice it was to take a Clorox® Scrub Singles out of the box, get it wet and squeeze it, and have it work as promised! First I noticed the pleasant Citrus Blend fragrance — goodbye foul odor! — And then there’s the powerful cleaning. I scrubbed the sink, the faucet, the granite countertop, and even the stove top. The slender design makes it easy to get the top edge of an under-mount sink clean, plus it’s bleach-free so it’s convenient to safely clean the front apron of my farmhouse sink. And the pre-loaded cleaner made fast work of the greasy gunk on my stovetop. Finally, I tossed the used pad (and all the dirt and grease I had cleaned up that was now imbedded in it) into the trash. With a traditional sponge, that dirt and grease would have stuck around, even after rinsing, and made the sponge smell pretty bad very quickly.

Cleaning the kitchen may be unavoidable, but at least it can be a pleasant experience!