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How to Clean Floors at Home

How to Clean Floors at Home

Create a mop scene with our quick and easy bathroom floor fixes.

Whether you have a little bit of time or a lot, here are some handy solutions for keeping your bathroom floor clean.

For small spills, try Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes.

To quickly clean, use the all-in-one Clorox® ReadyMop® with Clorox® ReadyMop® Advanced Floor Cleaner.

For best results, vacuum or sweep the floor before mopping to remove the excess dirt, crumbs and other floor-dwelling particles.

Move all furniture and household accessories like planters and trash cans out of the way at once for a faster sweep.

Arrange mopping equipment in the area where work will begin.

When mopping a room, start at the farthest corner and work backward toward the door. And, be sure to keep the bucket on the unmopped portion of the floor where it cannot be tripped over.

Be sure to overlap each stroke as you mop the floor for double-duty cleaning.

Place a portable floor fan at the end of the room to dry the floor in only a few minutes, before kids or pets have time to walk on it.

Designate one day to tackle mopping for the whole house. Play your favorite energizing music and get down and dirty!

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