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Wine Bottle Gift Bag

If you’ve got a pair of blue jeans you want to turn into cut-offs, be sure you save the pant legs. They can be made into super cute wine bottle gift bags with Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel! Here are some possibilities:

wine bottle 1

Inspired? Polka dots are super easy, and a great way to get started if you’ve never used a bleach pen for crafting before. Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel also can be used with stencils. It’s a fun, unique, totally creative project that makes the perfect hostess gift for any summer party, from 4th of July picnics to Labor Day barbecues!


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Denim pant legs, cut 16″ long from the hem to the cutting line
  • Marking pen
  • Sewing machine and thread (or even needle and thread — you could totally sew this by hand)
  • Iron
  • Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel
  • 1 quart hydrogen peroxide
  • Plastic dishpan for easy rinsing
  • Supplies for stenciling: decorative hole punch, stickers, ready-made stencils


Step 1: Note which leg seam does NOT have topstitching and then turn the leg inside out. Lay the pant leg flat and mark about 6″ away from the seam with the topstitching along the cut edge.

Your mark should be in line with the width of the leg at the hem. Now draw a line that connects the mark to the lower portion of the seam.

Step 2: Sew using the straight-stitch setting along the line and then sew again using a zig zag stitch to finish the edge.

Trim away the excess fabric, and then press the seam flat.

Turn the pant leg right side out and press it again.

Step 3: To stencil a single image, place a plastic stencil about 4 inches from the cut edge and secure it firmly to the fabric using double-sided tape.

Use Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel to apply a design to the outside of the wine bag. Use the soft scrubber tip to carefully dab the gel onto the stencil.

To use stickers to write words, firmly press the stickers onto the fabric starting 4 inches from the cut edge. Apply the bleach gel around and over the letters.

Let the gel sit on the fabric for up to 1 hour. To stencil multiple images (such as stars), check out the directions here.

Step 4: Place the pant leg in the plastic dishpan and pour some hydrogen peroxide over the gel. Remove the stencil or stickers and pour more hydrogen peroxide onto the design.

Thoroughly rinse the design and pant leg with water, and allow to air dry.

Step 5: Sew the bottom of the bag closed. To do this, turn the bag inside out. Sew along the bottom using a straight-stitch, and then sew again using a zigzag stitch to finish the edge. Next, pinch the edge of the bottom seam flat to form a triangle. Stitch 1½ inches from the point of the triangle using a straight stitch, and then again using a zigzag stitch to finish the edge. Repeat with the other corner.

Cut away the edge of the triangles.

Step 6: Put a bottle of wine in the bag and tie a ribbon around the neck. Now you are ready for summer with the perfect hostess gift!

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