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Grease Stain After Washing


My husband’s clothes come out with grease stains after I wash them.  What can I do?


Regarding the grease stains, do they appear on the clothes after they come out of the washer or the dryer?  When the rubber seal inside the dryer begins to wear out, grayish-black stains can appear on the clothes that feel a little greasy. In that case, it’s time to replace the dryer. 

If you have an HE washer, and do not use bleach on a regular basis, then it is likely your washer has a build up of soil and gunk on the inner works of the machine that can transfer to the wash load.  If you’ve had the washer for a while, the build up could be quite heavy and you may need to repeat a clean out cycle for complete removal. At least once a month, if you run a clean out cycle, you’ll keep the problem under control. All that said, if you have a standard top-loading washer, then it’s something else, and a little more information would be helpful. How long have you had the washer, and how long have you had the problem?

Anyone else experience similar problems?

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