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7 Worst Thrills and Spills of Traveling with Kids

7 Worst Thrills and Spills of Traveling with Kids

The memories you’ll forge are priceless … just not painless.

Try as you might to avoid it: sometimes you have to travel with your kids. Sure, not every kid is a bad traveler all of the time, but when one kid is bad even some of the time it makes the already wonderful experience of transit even more joyful. (Sarcasm alert.) Here are 7 of the worst thrills and spills of traveling with kids:

  1. Picky eating. One of the best things about going to a new land is the exotic foods you might eat. So if you think it’s annoying when your kid won’t eat the perfectly good dinner you’ve made at home, just wait until they pull that when you’re somewhere exotic. Like an amusement park. Or Grandma’s.
  2. Bathroom breaks. Public restrooms are the bane of the parenting experience. And at no time is it worse than when you’re traveling. Except if you’re traveling AND potty training at the same time. Throw in a long car trip and you’ve got the parenting trifecta.
  3. Food messes. Only rookie parents forget to travel with backup food, but food equals mess when on the road. Take those yogurt squeezers, which are great to travel with — no spoon or bowl necessary. But since toddlers aren’t known for their manual dexterity, what you often end up with is a blob on their pants — and yours. The solution is to keep it in your mouth but try telling that to a tired 2-year-old whose iPad just ran out of batteries.
  4. Whining. Parenting is one of those things where you’re only truly appreciated after your kids have children of their own. That’s when they’ll apologize for all the travel-induced whining. (Right? They WILL apologize at some point, won’t they?)
  5. Keeping track of toys. At first it was funny when, in a fit of excitement, the little guy threw his car. After that, it became a lesson to learn about how we don’t throw in the house. Now, it’s become a problem because there’s an angry man walking down the aisle toward you with a toy tow truck in his hand and a lump on his forehead.

    6. Questionable floors. The 5-second-rule doesn’t apply equally the world over. Airplanes and bathrooms are good examples of when that rule doesn’t apply. And don’t get us started on airplane bathrooms. Best to carry these, just in case.

  6. Barf. Enough can’t be said about motion sickness. But not here. So gird yourself and get ready to grin and bear it. 

It might be extra work to travel with your kids but it will show them the world and you’ll bond as a family. The memories you’ll forge are priceless … just not painless.