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Meal & Snack Stains

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  • Gum

    Chew gotta be joking

    Advice from our experts
    02/25/16 166128
  • How Do I Remove Curry Stains From Clothing?

    How Do I Remove Curry Stains From Clothing? Curries can vary widely–from the spices used to the meat, tofu, or vegetables cooked in the sauce.  Since most curry sauces start with a little oil used to brown the meat or sauté vegetables, it’...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    02/12/16 5572
  • Burger Drip

    Want stains with that?

    Advice from our experts
    02/25/16 30510
  • Removing marshmallows from clothing

    What is the best way to remove marshmallow from clothing? S’mores are a summer campfire staple, but they sure can be a sticky mess! Fortunately marshmallows are mostly sugar, water, and gelatin, and dissolve rather easily in water. You can also preso...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    07/25/12 6852
  • Chili Stain

    I am trying to get a chili stain out of the cuff of a cotton shirt. It has narrow red and green pin stripes on a white background. Unfortunately, I did not notice the stain until about week after it happened. My wife and I have tried scrubbing the st...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    12/30/08 1381
  • Eggs

    Other than your face

    Advice from our experts
    02/25/16 5529
  • Removing Unknown Stain From Upholstery

    Please recommend best method for removing unknown stain from dining room chair upholstery I wish I knew a little more about the stain. Is it older, or did it just appear this week?  Did it soak in or does it look like it’s on the surface of the fabr...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    04/08/15 660
  • Removing gum from a suede coat

    I got gum on my new suede coat. How do I get it off? This sticky problem actually has a pretty easy remedy: use ice cubes to freeze the gum and then gently scrape away the hardened chunks. The suede material of the jacket complicates things a bit—def...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    12/07/12 1
  • Removing an Already-Washed Sloppy Joe Stain

    How do I get a Sloppy Joe stain out of my shirt that’s already been washed? —Lindsay Hi Lindsay, This is a great question, and very timely given how many Sloppy Joes get eaten while people watch football playoff games and the Super Bowl! It sou...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    04/14/17 499
  • Your Questions: Red Cough Drop in Laundry

    I have a HUGE problem! I washed a load of whites the other day without checking pockets and went to take the clothes out of the washer when I realized a red cough drop was in a sweatshirt pocket and has basically ruined a whole load of laundry! I am ...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    06/06/08 1