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Post Super Bowl Stain Tips

Ok, we had our annual Super Bowl party on Sunday and you guessed it…even Dr. Laundry wasn’t immune to those little spots and spills.

What a day! I always look forward to seeing old friends, eating, drinking and yelling our way through four quarters of really exciting pigskin. Our crowd’s other favorite activity is reacting to and rating each Super Bowl commercial, which didn’t seem up to par this year.

With that many people, there were plenty of opportunities to provide stain removal advice. While you may not be able to remove it all at the party, these tips will help you tackle the problem when you get home or after the guests leave.

General Stain Treatment Rules

  1. Remove as much as possible as quickly as possible. Quickly blot or wipe away the excess.
  2. If the stain has a greasy/oily component, always treat that first and don’t run water over the stain. Try rubbing some liquid dishwashing or laundry detergent into the stain from the back if possible. Wait 1–3 minutes, then rinse away with warm water.
  3. Consider washing items when you get home, or if they are dry clean only, try to get them to the cleaners within 48 hours.

And here are some remedies for a few of the expected party favorites:



  • BBQ sauces, soy sauces, baked beans and salsa:
  • Buffalo wings, meatballs and fried foods: Beware of greasy spots!:

    Main Course

    Did I miss anything? If so, just drop me a quick note/question and I’ll send you a personal answer right away.

    Good luck, and I hope you also had a great time on Sunday!!