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Your Questions: Presoaking with Bleach


I wash my rags with the presoak cycle extra long cleaning cycle and use bleach. They still come out looking dirty. Thanks for getting back to me.


Great idea to use the bleach presoak for extra stain removal boost. Not sure what you are wiping up with those rags, but there are a lot of stains and soils that bleach alone can NOT remove. Greasy stains are an example. So try using a couple of things: Try rubbing the heavily spotted areas with some liquid detergent and add some powder detergent along with the bleach in you soak cycle. Powder has builders not found in liquid detergent and these are very helpful in getting dirt out of fabrics. If the rags are already pretty dirty, you may see some improvement with adding the detergent but not all the stains/soils will ever come out. Hope this helps!