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  • Your Questions: Bleach and Doilies

    I have a 56-year-old hand crocheted ruffled doily I made. I washed it, and then stretched it to shape it on a piece of foam broad that I had drawn circles and straight lines on as a guide for stretching. I covered the board with waxed paper before ...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    10/10/07 3500
  • Removing Stains from Delicate Items

    I just finished soaking my daughter’s 33-year-old polyester communion dress in Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster for 8 hours and then laundering it to eliminate dinginess. It hasn’t changed much, if at all. Is there any point i...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    04/21/09 815
  • Wedding Veil Laundering

    My daughter plans to wear a wedding veil my sister bought in Venice 40 years ago. It was ivory and has aged some, making it even darker. Her gown is significantly lighter. Can you recommend a product to safely lighten it? You didn’t indicat...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    09/17/09 1055
  • Cleaning Delicate Items with Bleach

    Last winter we had a leak in our ceiling and the water damaged a needle point I had hanging on the wall. The water left a stain, and I was wondering how I might remove it without damaging the needlepoint further? It’s a little difficult to reco...

    Advice from Dr. Laundry
    01/27/09 546