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Your Questions: Fading Stains


I have a question for you. I recently used the Clorox UltimateCare Bleach on a white cotton shirt. I poured it directly onto the stain and was going to leave it on for the 3 minutes as the instructions stated. But then was interrupted and it was on much longer. I finished washing it and also put it through the rinse cycle twice. Now there are gray and blue stains on it. Is there anyway to get the bleach stains out of the material?


I am a little puzzled by your description. A white cotton shirt and pre-treating with Clorox UltimateCare should not produce the gray/blue spots you reported. What type of stain were you trying to remove? Are these new “bleach stains” on the original stain area or in other areas of the shirt? Even with extended contact with the garment, I have not seen any blue/gray spots. Perhaps the spots are grease based; you might try pre-treating with a good liquid detergent and then rewashing in hot water.