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Removing Stains from Rugs: Your Questions


Recently I watered a plant that was sitting on a rattan rug. I overwatered it and did not realize this until the next day. Now there is a brown spot on the rug from my stupid mistake. What can I use to erase this stain from the rug…and my memory…it is my boss’s rug, not mine…Please help!


I’m not too knowledgeable about these items. Usually with these natural items, it’s good to blot up as much liquid as possible. Any leftover moisture should be dried using some form of heat (low setting hairdryer, etc). If there is a stain it’s probably from the dirt/soil and water, kind of like a mild mud stain. Need to be careful here if you choose to use some type of product. Definitely no bleach; I would probably try some type of colorless cleaner maybe a liquid dishwashing detergent; not too concentrated and sponge on spot. Make sure you rinse with cool water and then blot dry.