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Cleaning Carpets with Clorox® Oxi Magic™


A recent newspaper article recommended oxygen bleach for cleaning carpets, but gave no specific instructions for amounts of power and water to be combined. Your Oxi Magic container gives no instructions for carpet cleaning other than for removing specific, smaller-type stains. Can Oxi Magic be used for cleaning whole rooms of carpet, and if so, mixed at what ratio with water?


This is a great question. I worked on the development of Clorox® Oxi Magic Powder and usually it was used to pretreat spots on many surfaces including carpet. I have never tried to do a whole carpet, but the directions for both the Colorfast/Bleachability Test and usage are on the website below. The oxygen bleach does provide an extra kick for carpet stain removal, especially on colored drink stains. The powder also contains builders, which are very good to help remove and suspend dirt. For the overall cleaning I might back off and use only 1–2 scoops/gallon to start. If this was too weak, go up a scoop/gallon until you are satisfied with the performance.

So if you choose to go ahead, make sure you do the pretest and let me know how it turns out!

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