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How to Keep Baby Things Clean

How to Keep Baby Things Clean

Babies will put anything in their mouths. Dirt, shoes, jewelry…make sure you sanitize baby items properly.

If you don’t properly sanitize bottles, nipples, utensils and pacifiers, you may be feeding your little one microorganisms that can cause illness.

When To Clean and Sanitize

Wash all feeding items before the first use and after every use. Throw out pacifiers and nipples that are cracked and stained.

How To Clean and Sanitize

In the months that follow:

  • Use a special bottle brush or sterile cotton swab to get into hard-to-reach, small spots in nipples or breast pump parts.
  • Put them in the dishwasher, preferably in their own run.
  • When they come out of the washer, dry items thoroughly before putting them away. Moisture helps germs thrive.

Always read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products. Store cleaning products out of the reach of children. Children may be sensitive to strong odors of cleaners like Clorox® Regular-Bleach2 with CLOROMAX®. It’s best to deep clean when baby is out of the room.