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National Pet Month

Whether you are a pet owner or an animal lover, May is National Pet Month and is a great time to reflect on the special bond people have with their pets.  Three years ago we adopted our yellow lab, Bella, from the local Humane Society and ever since, she has brought our family so much joy!  Bella often sleeps at my feet while I work at the computer, climbs into my lap to watch a movie, and flops down on her side hoping for a tummy rub.  But Bella also likes to slobber which means her pet dishes and toys get slimy pretty quickly. To keep her bowls and favorite toys looking like new, I like to sanitize them with these simple steps:

  • Mix 1 Tablespoon Clorox® Regular Bleach2 per gallon of water
  • Fill pre-washed pet bowls with the bleach solution and let stand two minutes
  • Set any plastic dog toys you also want to sanitize in the dish at the same time
  • After 2 minutes, drain and air dry

Here are some additional ways to celebrate the month, whether you have a companion of your own or just want to help a furry friend in need:

  • Check the website of your local animal shelter to make a donation toward any wish list items
  • Coordinate a special outing to your dog’s favorite off-leash dog park with a few neighborhood pals
  • Encourage friends who are considering a pet to adopt one from a shelter or local rescue agency
  • Slow down on your evening walks to let your dog sniff everything they want

Even with challenges like midnight skunk encounters (Skunk 2, Bella 0) and her chronic skin condition that limit her diet, I am so happy we gave Bella a home.  I hope you find fun ways to celebrate National Pet Month with your beloved furry companion!

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