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Your Questions: Body Soil Stains


Help! I have tried, in vain, to remove sweat stains that have yellowed my beautiful white sheets. Do you have any recommendations or should I just buy yellow sheets?


The yellowing is most likely from body soil that has not been totally removed and is building up over time. Check out the posts I did earlier on body soil including some real close-ups of what the stuff looks like. The best solution is each time the sheets are washed:

  • Wash in the hottest water
  • Use a good detergent and ¾ cup of Clorox Regular-Bleach

On old, set-in stains, you might try a bleach soak (¼ cup per gallon of Clorox Regular Bleach2 for 5-10 minutes) followed by a hot wash using detergent and Clorox Regular-Bleach. Not sure if this will remove it all, but repeating this process 2-3 times may get you back on track. If not, your yellow sheet idea is a good one if the rest of the family can be OK with the color. If you get new sheets, remember to follow the washing instructions above to avoid the stain problem in the future. Good luck and let me know if this works for you.

Myth Part 2: Only using detergent gets my clothes clean

Posted on September 14th, 2006 by Dr. Laundry

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