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Lipstick Stains


My husband decided to help around the house, and accidentally washed a load of clothes with one of my lipsticks. He didn’t notice until after the dryer had set the stains in good. Is there any product that will remove this mess from a whole load of his dress shirts?


Having been in the same position as your husband before, I have come to realize that volunteering is good, but clarifying about procedures is even more important. We don’t know how you would do it, and we forget to ask. (Probably won’t make that mistake again…)

Wow, if the whole load has gone through the dryer already, I probably would take a couple of examples to your local dry cleaner and ask if he could solve your problem. If it were just a couple of spots, I could give you some tips on removing them. However, you need lots of solvent and that’s where the dry cleaner is your best shot.

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