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Lip gloss stains: Your questions


Another reader question – this one about lip gloss left in a pocket during the wash.

“I washed a load of jeans with some cargo pants at the laundromat. Everything was fine with the pants after I looked at them when they finished washing, so I put them into the dryer. When my clothes were finished drying I took them out and noticed that grease stains were on every pair of pants that were in there. Then I noticed that I left lip gloss in one of the pants, and they all were ruined.”


I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news: you did this at a laundromat, so the grease is not inside your dryer to transfer to later loads.

The bad news: after drying the “grease spots” are probably set and are going to be super difficult to remove, if at all. You might try using a good solvent (like Goo Gone) on the grease spots and then re-washing in the hottest water possible. Other than that, a small amount may be removed in the next wash, so consider air drying for the next 3-4 washes and see if you notice a difference. Otherwise, these pants will probably be relegated to home weekend wearing.

Sorry I couldn’t be more optimistic.

Give these suggestions a try and let me know if they work.

Good luck!