clorox® Fraganzia®

Inspiring scents that will please your senses

The Clorox® Fraganzia® Multi-Purpose Cleaners will surprise and delight you with a dependable clean and unique scent.



Clean your countertops and leave behind the long-lasting scent of freshness.


Leave your floors spotless and your senses stimulated.

appliances & more

Whatever you're cleaning — the refrigerator, patio furniture or walls — Clorox® Fraganzia® will leave it fresh and clean.


Let the magic of the season's first blooms envelop your senses. The Clorox® Fraganzia® Spring scent is budding with floral-fruity pleasures, blended with blooms of roses, jasmine and violet.

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Morning Sky

Wake up every room in your house with Clorox® Fraganzia® Morning Sky scent. Rejuvenating and pure — it'll leave your home as fresh as the morning is crisp.

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Island Orchid

Take your senses on an exotic escape to a tropical oasis with the aromatic delights of Clorox® Fraganzia® Island Orchid™.

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