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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

Summer Fun Stains

By Dr. Laundry June 19, 2006

Not surprisingly, I saw and helped create a lot of stain opportunities during my weekend activities.  Sunshine and rising temperatures mean outdoors, and stains go on the rise. Grass stains from cutting and edging, as well as Word Cup, lots of sweat and perspiration from participating in around-the-house cleanup and repainting the deck; mud/dirt from gardening; and the beverages need to handle that thirsty, dry throat.

I will be starting to hand out tips on how deal with these and other summer fun stains in my next few posts.

Got any that you’d like some help in solving?  Got some tips you would like to share?

Send them in and let share your ideas or see if I can help you solve your problems.