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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry


By Dr. Laundry October 28, 2006

WANTED: Your Laundromat Horror Stories!!

Ok, next week is Halloween and for some adult fun, I thought we might solicit some reader input that combines scary and laundry. Thus, our SCARY LAUNDROMAT STORIES CONTEST. It seems everyone who does their laundry in public has had uncomfortable experiences. Has something horrifying ever happened to you at a laundromat? I’d love to hear your scary stories of laundry disasters and terrifying tales from your Laundromat. Please submit your laundromat horror stories as a comment to

Need some ideas to stimulate your story telling??

  • Unusual guests (human and animal) at the Laundromat

  • Unbelievable things being washed by others in the machine you have to use

  • Unusual items found in washers and/or dryers

  • Unexpected laundering results

  • Surprises in the laundry you took home

  • Most unusual smell/odors encountered

  • Why I rushed out and bought a washer/dryer so I never have to return to that place again

OK, now get started and enter often! I will award prizes for the best stories.
Let’s see what America encounters at the Laundromat…