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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

How to Remove a Tea Stain from Light Blue Jeans

By Dr. Laundry June 22, 2012

How do you remove tea stain from light blue jeans?

Since your tea stain is on denim, you can treat it by applying Liquid Clorox2® Stain Remover and Color Booster into stain and rub it in. Wait for 5-10 minutes, then wash immediately in the hottest water recommended using detergent and Clorox2® Stain Remover and Color Booster. Allow to air dry and check to make sure the stain is completely removed. It’s important to keep a stained item out of a hot dryer to avoid heat setting any residual stain. That way if any stain remains, you can repeat the treatment as needed.