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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

Memorial Day

By Dr. Laundry May 31, 2007

Since we’re all getting back from Memorial Day weekend, I’d like to take a moment to recognize this special holiday. Memorial Day is a time to pause and reflect on those who have paid the ultimate price in the service of our great country. Unfortunately, too many Americans view it as the first long weekend of summer. This view continues to be propagated as we sanitize our history for political correctness and rob our youth of the awareness of the price paid by others so they can enjoy the current lifestyle. I have heard it repeatedly said that the current generations do not understand, empathize or support the men and women who our armed forces. It is such a shame that these warriors are shunned, neglected and faceless by the majority of Americans.

Regardless of your feelings about the current conflict, these are sons and daughters of parents or husbands and wives of your fellow countrymen who signed on to do a job which many probably don’t have the guts to do. They underwent rigorous training and accepted their assignments without complaint because they felt it was important to serve and protect our way of life. Some return “whole” while others suffer mental illness or serious injury or loss of limbs and organs. Quite a price!!

So please pause and thank them in your own way and support the efforts to aid them when they return home. Without them, you would NOT have the freedoms or opportunities that you enjoy today and expect to enjoy in the future.