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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

It’s almost the weekend!

By Dr. Laundry June 16, 2006

My daughter graduated from high school this week. I step back and marvel at the terrific young woman she has become.  Seems like yesterday we were dropping her off at kindergarten and now we will soon be packing her up and delivering her to San Diego State.  Wow, kind of puts a tear in your eye.But with the closing of one chapter comes a celebration.  So this weekend will be all about preparing for the arrival of out-of-town guests for the Graduation and the big party on Saturday.  Hey, and don’t forget about Father’s Day on Sunday.

I will hopefully get a chance to sneak in a quick check of the Busch race to see how our Clorox/Red Cross car with Jon Wood is doing. 

Then there is some World Cup action to look forward to. I am a soccer junkie, proud father of competitive soccer players and referee a ton of games each year (almost 100 last year).  I love to see the world stop every four years and watch the Beautiful Game.  I am awestruck with the powerful strike of free kicks that knuckle toward the goalie, incredible headers off set pieces or just the unusual like English goalie Paul Robinson hitting the Jumbotron trying to clear the ball downfield. At the end of the game, there is the jersey exchange as players gather to barter for those sweaty souvenirs their opponents were wearing. 

And to interpret the game, there is the referee crew.  I enjoy watching the best, hand-chosen for these assignments. Can’t help but wonder why the USA did not have a center chosen this year. Especially after the excellent job by Brian Hall from NorCal in the last World Cup.  Every World Cup has its high and low points for referees. Watching England/Paraguay, I was struck by the ease that Mr. Rodriguez from Mexico could stride the field and run backwards at full speed watching the ball in flight.  I wish that I could do that.  Then, there was the young German ref in the Netherland/Serbia game who always seemed to be too close to the action; getting run over, hit by a ball and even having to wait for the player to get up very slowly after a collision so he could be shown a yellow card.  It’s definitely a young man’s game to referee and I wish that I had the legs to do one of those games.

I’ll be back again on Monday to share more fun from my weekend, and some more of my laundry advice.