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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

Holiday Stain Solutions

By Dr. Laundry December 24, 2012

Christmas wasn’t meant to be stressful, but with so much to do—get the shopping done (find the lowest price!), plan the menu, deliver beautifully wrapped homemade gifts, write and send a family greeting, and hurry!!—it often ends up that way.  And now it’s finally here!  Hopefully you can relax a little and enjoy the day.  Everyone has different traditions for how to spend Christmas–whether you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of little cousins running around bursting with excitement, curled up by the fire watching “White Christmas”, or going out for a winter’s hike or bike ride, I hope this day finds you happy and healthy, with many blessings to count!

And if you have found your way to the blog because Uncle Bill just knocked over a glass of red wine and you need some stain removal advice right away, expert help is as close as your phone.  You can either call the Clorox Holiday Stain Hotline at (800) Stain-411 for tips on how to remove a variety of common holiday stains, including red wine.  Or, smart phone users can download the free Clorox MyStain App for both at-home and on-the-go stain removal advice.  That way you can get back to the party, or the movie, or thinking of new lyrics for “White Christmas”, or whatever you were doing, and not have to worry about getting that stain out.

Speaking of “White Christmas”, it’s always hard to update a classic, but changing the ending to “And may all your bleachables be white” would be quite an improvement, if you ask me!  Merry Christmas, everyone!