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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

Happy Turkey Day!!

By Dr. Laundry November 22, 2006

As the holiday season kicks off, so do the big family dinners and the arrival of important house guests. If you’re like me, you love the festivities, but dread the aftermath – stained linens, cranberry and gravy-spotted shirts. Well, once again my holiday hotline is up and running for those of you who could use a little help tackling the post-party messes. You can get quick tips on removing the seasonal stains, from red wine splashes, to pumpkin smears on my toll-free

Holiday Stain Hotline: 1-877-Stain-411
(1 877 782 4641)

Here’s a couple of quick tips to get you rolling….

  • Deal with the stain as soon as you can; the sooner you get to it, the greater the chance the stain will come out.

  • Blot up as much of the stain as possible; try not to rub and force more stain into the fabric. Removing a little is much easier than trying to remove a lot.

  • Pre-soaking or pre-treating the stain for 10-30 minutes before washing will jumpstart stain removal. Make sure you’re using the right product for the type of stain. Check my removal procedures on the hotline.

A couple of our products that should come in handy over the holiday…

  • You can also use Clorox® UltimateCare™ Premium Bleach – a unique bleach that can be poured directly on to bleachable fabrics; as a bonus, this powerful stain and soil remover has a terrific fresh Soft Cotton scent.

  • I love the Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel. It has 2 tips to help control the bleach and get it exactly where you want it.

Remember every stain is treated differently, so feel free to write in and ask me about your specific questions.

I hope you all enjoy a healthy, happy, stain-free Holiday season!