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Ask Dr. Laundry

Ask Dr. Laundry

Be a best-dressed wedding guest

By Dr. Laundry June 22, 2017

This summer, as you travel to weddings for friends and family, here are tips for keeping your wedding attire fresh and clean:

Weddings and clothing

7 types of weddings and what to wear to them

Stained white clothes

Remove yellow splotches from a white silk blouse

Removing foundation from a white dress

Remove an old stain from a white shirt with patterns

How to remove food oil from white shirts

General stains on clothes

Remove old stains

Get rid of spots on clothing

Take aim at deodorant stains

Flower pollen stains on clothes

How to remove food grease stains

Which laundry tools do you need?

Red-wine-stained clothes

Removing red wine stains

Remove red wine stains from clothes

Removing red wine stains from a light blue shirt

Other alcohol stains

How to remove liquor stains