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Removing an Already-Washed Sloppy Joe Stain

April 14, 2017

Q: How do I get a Sloppy Joe stain out of my shirt that’s already been washed? Lindsay A: Hi Lindsay; This is a great question, and very timely given how many Sloppy Joes get eaten while people watch football playoff games and the Super Bowl! It sounds like you’ve… Read More

A Denim State of Mind

January 25, 2017

If you love denim as much as I do, 2017 is off to a great start now that denim is the Official State Fabric of California! It all started when AB501 (hmmm… “501,” that’s clever) was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in… Read More

Removing Bled Dye from White Cotton Terrycloth Robe

January 25, 2017

Q: I washed plaid cotton blend (navy blue and white) with white cotton terrycloth robe. Now have pale blue blotches on robe. Thx for any help you can give me? —April UPDATE: Hi Dr. Laundry, I tried your remedy for my blue splotched bathrobe. Worked perfectly, didn’t have to repeat. Read More

#TBT His Favorite Shirt

November 7, 2014

  Maybe it starts when they are kids, wearing the same favorite shirt over and over wishing it would last (or at least fit) forever.  My husband has a favorite shirt that he’s been wearing for a while now.  By a while, we are talking over 10 years!  I’ve even… Read More

Separating whites, mediums and darks

October 3, 2012

I am a clothes hound college student that is just now learning I need to take better care of these clothes! I ALWAYS separate my colors; whites, mediums, & darks, but I was wondering should I be dividing my mediums? My medium colors consist of anything and everything that isn’t… Read More

How to treat white denim/white pants at the end of summer

August 29, 2012

On Monday, I gave some tips on how to store your summer apparel to ensure they are ready to wear next Memorial Day. Today, I wanted to provide some extra tips on how to best whiten a pair of white pants or denim. After three months of use, this popular… Read More

Summer time is coming to a close…

August 27, 2012

With summer coming to a close, not only is it time to put away your summer whites, it’s also back to school season! During the next few weeks, we will feature some tips on how to best prepare for the end of summer and some of those pesky back-to-school stains. Read More

Refreshing Your Spring Wardrobe

April 16, 2009

As temperatures rise, there’s no better time to unearth all your favorite spring and summer fashions that have been hibernating in the back of your closet. But first, you need to make room by cleaning and storing what’s already in there! Here are several tips for getting your clothing in… Read More