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Removing Denim Stain from the Bottom of the Washer Drum

April 14, 2017

Q. I washed new jeans and its left blue stain in bottom of washer which turns everything pale blue and I want to remove the blue stain from washer bottom. —Anonymous A. Hi There; Clorox® Regular-Bleach1 can be used for general cleaning and maintenance of clothes washers, including removing… Read More

Removing Bled Dye from White Cotton Terrycloth Robe

January 25, 2017

Q: I washed plaid cotton blend (navy blue and white) with white cotton terrycloth robe. Now have pale blue blotches on robe. Thx for any help you can give me? —April UPDATE: Hi Dr. Laundry, I tried your remedy for my blue splotched bathrobe. Worked perfectly, didn’t have to repeat. Read More

How to remove red dye out of white clothes?

June 28, 2016

Q: How to remove red dye out of white clothes? A: For the white items that picked up the red dye, first check each care label to identify the fiber content of each item so you know which ones are bleachable. You should always avoid bleaching wool, silk, mohair, leather, and… Read More

Black dye on white dress shirt. What do I do ?

May 23, 2016

Q: Black dye on white dress shirt says not to use bleach or hot water . What do I do ? Already tried Clorox stain remover didn’t work A: Thanks for sending the care instructions, which might be taking it a little too easy on the white shirt.  White cotton… Read More

How Do You Get Out Bleach Stains?

March 23, 2016

Q:  How Do You Get Out Bleach Stains A: How large are the bleach stains and what color is the item with the stains on it?  Discoloration from accidental bleach exposure typically can’t be reversed, but sometimes you can camouflage it by using a felt pen to color in the… Read More

Help Fix My Stained Pink Pants

April 10, 2015

Q: I washed my pink pants with blue jeans and ruined my pink pants! A: I’m sorry to hear about your pink pants!  The good news is you might be able to use a bleach and water solution to get any blue color off the pink.  You can only do… Read More

Removing Stains From Polyester

April 7, 2015

Q:  I have a light blue run on a white polyester shirt from washing a color with a white. How do I get it out?   A: That’s lucky that your shirt is white polyester—that’s a really easy fiber type to get fugitive dye off of.  I would still double… Read More

How do you get dye out of a white shirt?

February 3, 2015

Q: How do you get dye out of a white shirt? The dye is pink. A: This is such a great question—it sounds like maybe you had dye transfer from one item to another, probably during the wash cycle.  There are a couple of remedies you can try to get… Read More

How do I get red dye out of fabric?

January 31, 2015

Q: I washed a new quilt and the red fabric color faded onto everything else. What do I do? A: Dye transfer problems are so disheartening. Usually items that pick up color can be restored—that’s the good news!  The challenge here will be adapting the techniques that work on smaller… Read More

How do you remove bleach stains?

December 10, 2014

Q: How do you remove bleach stains?  A: Thank you for sending in your question.  This sounds like a problem I actually have had to deal with myself.  I try to be careful with spray cleaners that include bleach, but even so I still occasionally end up with tell-tale light… Read More

How do I get red dye out of vinyl?

December 9, 2014

Q :  How do I get red dye out of vinyl?   A:  Great question!  Here’s some good news: vinyl fabrics (even colored ones) can generally be safely treated with a Clorox® Regular-Bleach and water solution, so you have a pretty good chance of success.  Even so, you should still… Read More

Trouble with Dye Transfer

December 9, 2014

Q : My wife washed all of our whites with khaki clothes. Now all the whites are a light tan color and not white white anymore. We have a HE machine and I filled the bleach dispenser up to the max fill line and Tide Plus in the detergent dispenser.   After… Read More

Issues with your washer’s bleach dispenser?

November 18, 2014

Q:  My washing machine has a bleach dispenser and I washed all of my whites and put in about ½ of a cup. They came out fine, but I had a load of towels to wash afterwards. They came out with bleach stains all over them. So my question is,… Read More

How to fix your clothes after a dye transfer dilemma

October 13, 2014

Q: I accidentally threw my girls’ clothes with a black dress of mine and all of their clothes now have a gray tint! I washed it a couple of times with vinegar (home remedy I read online) and it was no help. I’m getting ready to wash it with Clorox2,… Read More

Bleaching Clothes that Became Discolored in the Wash

November 8, 2013

I had a red garment ruin all my light colors.  How do I get rid of these pink stains?   When dye transfer is the problem, items that can be safely laundered with Clorox® Regular-Bleach can usually be restored with a bleach soaking solution. Some colored items actually are… Read More

Removing the pink when red clothes dye whites

August 20, 2013

How do I treat my white clothes that were turned pink from washing alongside red clothes? You should be able to restore the white items that picked up a pink color with a bleach soaking solution as long as the white items are safely bleachable. Note that you should… Read More

Color Bleeding in Spandex

February 20, 2013

I washed a new white top with spandex in it with light colors and now it is grey. How do I get it back to white? Your issue is dye transfer after just one cycle. Unfortunately, the fact that your top contains spandex means you won’t be able to use… Read More

Treating color bleeding in the wash

February 13, 2013

My husband washed my white skirt with some red sheets and my skirt is now pink. Is there any way that I can get it white again? You should be able to restore the skirt that picked up the pink color with a bleach soaking solution as long as the… Read More

Clorox2 proper use

November 30, 2012

Clorox2® caused a blue stain on several of my family’s garments. How do I get this blue tinge out?This sounds like the liquid Clorox2® was applied directly to stains on the garments (which is good for improved stain removal), but stayed on the fabric too long before being washed. Read More

Towel discoloration

November 26, 2012

I just bought new dark towels and they turned blotchy and orange after the first wash. I only used detergent and fabric softener. What could have happened? What an unfortunate situation! I can’t be sure what went wrong, but I’d like to address a few possibilities and tips about washing… Read More

Stains on white knit after washing

October 24, 2012

My white knit shirt had stains on it AFTER washing that were not there before going through my machine. What could cause this? There are several possible causes of stains that appear after washing—I can’t say for sure without knowing more about your situation, but here are some things for… Read More

Fixing shirts that were accidentally bleached

October 22, 2012

My son bought two new white shirts and assumed he could use bleach. They are now yellow. What can he do? Let me guess–the shirts are cotton, but also contain a small amount of spandex. Or maybe they are polyester sport shirts that also include spandex. Unfortunately spandex will yellow… Read More

Removing dinginess without damaging dark details

September 10, 2012

I washed a white sweater with blue letters with darks and now it is a dingy white. How can I get it back to a bright white without discoloring the blue letters?Normally a bleach soaking solution (1/4 cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach bleach per gallon of water, with a soak time… Read More

Preventing yellow bleach stains

September 7, 2012

I put straight Clorox® Regular-Bleach on white jeans and now I have a yellow stain.  How do I remove the bleach stain?No matter what you are using bleach for, it should always be diluted and never used directly on a surface or fabric. Unfortunately you have first-hand experience with… Read More

Happy Labor Day!

September 4, 2012

Happy Labor Day! It’s bittersweet to see summer coming to an end, but with fall comes hayrides, apple cider, and plenty of holidays to celebrate. I hope everyone was able to celebrate and enjoy a relaxing holiday.Last week, I provided some tips on how to treat your summer whites before… Read More

How to restore clothes after a dye transfer

May 29, 2012

You should be able to restore items that picked up color with a bleach soaking solution as long as an item is safely bleachable.  First, check the care labels – Don’t use the soaking solution on items that contain wool, silk, mohair, spandex, and leather – These should never be… Read More

How to remove color bleeding during laundering

May 21, 2012

How do I remove color bleeding during laundering?Most garments that are new bleed a little, but usually they do stop after a few cycles, so washing newer items alone or only with like colors is a pretty effective strategy for limiting dye transfer.  To restore items that have picked up… Read More

“Ultra” White Spot on White Shirt from Clorox2®

May 15, 2012

Q: I used Clorox2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster to remove a stain and it bleached my white shirt where the stain was. How do I fix the shirt? Is this a side effect of the product that sometimes happens? A: It sounds like the white shirt may actually not… Read More

Color Bleeding Removal

April 17, 2012

Q:  How do I remove color bleeding during laundering? A: Most garments that are new bleed a little, but usually they stop after a few cycles, so washing newer items alone or only with like colors is an effective strategy for limiting dye transfer.  To restore items that have picked… Read More

Clorox 2® Stain

February 27, 2012

Q: How do I remove a stain caused by Clorox 2® Stain Fighter and Color Booster?  It’s a ring around what used to be a coffee stain.A:  What you describe sounds like liquid Clorox2® was applied directly to the coffee stain (which is good for improved stain removal), but… Read More

Ruined Whites?

February 24, 2012

Q: A few white items were washed in a color load and turned blue. Some of the items were all white and others had colored patterns. I did not put them in the dryer.  Currently, I’m soaking them in 1 cup white distilled vinegar and detergent.  If this doesn’t work,… Read More

Crystallization of Bleach on Floors

February 22, 2012

Q:  I’ve seen on a few posts that mention bleach can crystallize if proper conditions are met. I work at a company that uses Clorox to sanitize the floor and some of the equipment. I find that after cleaning, when the equipment is moved or the floor remains wet, a… Read More

What Does “Non-Chlorine Bleach Only” Mean?

February 10, 2012

Q:  My white t-shirt tag recommends the use of non-chlorine bleach only. I have Clorox® Regular-Bleach, do I need Clorox2® instead?A:  That’s good you are looking at the care label in your shirt! It should also contain information on what the shirt is made of, but sometimes that information is… Read More

Bleeding Color

February 6, 2012

Q:  I just washed a new red and white striped coverlet I had custom made. I tried to prevent the red from bleeding on the white by putting two Shout® Color Catchers® in the cold wash. Well, I still had some bleeding on the white stripes! How can I get… Read More

Dye Transfer

February 1, 2012

Q:  How do you get a pink color out of clothes that bled from a darker garment when it was accidently put in with lights?A:  What you describe sounds like dye transfer and you should be able to restore any bleachable items with a bleach soaking solution. Start by figuring out… Read More

Bleach Stain on Shoes

November 21, 2011

Q:  How do you remove a Clorox® Regular Bleach stain out of shoes?A:  This sounds like quite a problem because stains caused by undiluted bleach are unfortunately not reversible.  The trick is to try to keep the shoes wearable by either camouflaging the spot or bleaching the rest of the… Read More

White Bleach Spots on a White Jersey

November 2, 2011

Q:  How can I fix white bleach stains on my white NBA jersey?A:  It’s good news that your stains and jersey are both white—it sounds like the stains are actually places on the jersey that ended up cleaner than the surrounding fabric.  This often happens when someone has a white… Read More

Removing Color Transfer

September 19, 2011

Q:  Something in the wash load faded onto white clothes and partially white clothes.  How can I get rid of the unwanted color?  Do I need to do something different if the fabric says “use non chlorine bleach”?A:  What you describe sounds like dye transfer and you should be able… Read More

Blue Stain from Clorox 2®

September 16, 2011

Q:  We used Clorox 2® to get pizza sauce out of our daughter’s school uniform.  While it took out the stain, it left a blue stain. How do I get it out?A: It sounds like liquid Clorox2® was applied directly to the stain (which is good for improved stain… Read More

Removing Bleach Stains from Vinyl Flooring

September 7, 2011

Q:  How do I remove a bleach stain from a vinyl floor?A:  It is always helpful to know a little more about the stain.  For example:  is it lighter than the overall color of the vinyl floor, or is it some sort of discoloration?  Do you know how it happened,… Read More

Whitening Discolored Whites

June 24, 2011

Q:  My son washed his new work uniform in warm water, which consists of black pants (80% poly / 20% cotton) and a white shirt (85% poly / 15% cotton) with a blue embroidery logo. Now the shirt has dye stains all over it from the pants and is less… Read More

Discoloration from Daycare Disinfecting

June 15, 2011

Q:  My children occasionally come home from daycare with discoloration on their clothing.  To disinfect the toys, changing table, etc the daycare uses a gallon jug to 1/4 cup of Clorox® Regular Bleach.  I have questioned the daycare on how they are mixing the solution as it clearly causes a… Read More

Fade Spots from Clorox2®

May 12, 2011

Q:  I used Clorox2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster on a light tan top of mine and it took the color out.  I use this product all the time and couldn’t understand what happened.A:  I am glad you contacted us, and am also sorry to hear about the problem with… Read More

Extra White Spots on a White Shirt

April 22, 2011

Q: In the past I’ve used the Clorox® Bleach Pen® Gel when I’ve had stains on certain white shirts on which I’m hesitant to wash with regular chlorine bleach. The last time I did that the stain disappeared but the small portion of the fabric where the stain… Read More

Removing Dye from Lights and Whites

March 22, 2011

Q: I experienced a nightmare last night! I washed a load of laundry, light colors and whites, and a black glove accidentally got thrown into the wash. Well, now I have light gray to almost black dye on just about every piece of clothing. Will Clorox® remove these stains and… Read More

Discoloration from Oxi-Magic®

March 1, 2011

Q. I miss read the directions and think I added too much Oxi-Magic® to my clothes. Is there any way to correct the discoloration that occurred?A. I wish I knew more about exactly how you used the product, and what type of discoloration you ended up with. If you added… Read More

Bleach Carryover

December 14, 2010

Q. I’m using a bleach containing sodium hypochlorite. I use it mostly for laundry issues and killing the germs rather than whitening. I use it for cleaning my underwear at pre-wash, and then continue washing with detergents as a common washing. The problem is, my washing machine doesn’t rinse after… Read More

Bleach Splash Marks

November 2, 2010

Q. I have several dark items of laundry that have bleach marks on them. They were splash marks. Is there any way to get the color back? Also, should I stop using bleach and change over to Clorox2 so I don’t ruin anymore dark laundry items?A. Thanks for writing. I… Read More

Bleach Spots on Colored Clothes

September 23, 2010

Q. I have put bleach on a colored t-shirt by mistake…do I re-color this area, or is it too far gone?A. I have been able to hide small white spots on black cotton pants by coloring in the area with a black Sharpie pen. It’s not an exact match, but… Read More

Bleach and Silk

September 14, 2010

Q. Need your help. I accidentally bleached a white silk top and it turned yellow. I didn’t realize it’s not suitable for silk. How can I turn it white again?A. That’s too bad about your silk top. I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately it can’t be… Read More

Bleach Usage in HE Washers

September 9, 2010

I purchased a HE washer and dryer last year. Not long after I bought them, I had two different colored loads that had bleach stains (or lack of color) as if the bleach had been held in the washer. It ruined a comforter. I only use a very small amount… Read More

Bleach Stains on Canvas Shoes

September 7, 2010

Q. I spilled Clorox bleach on my navy canvas shoes and immediately rinsed them, but am left with blotchy red-brown stains. Is there a way to bleach the shoes so that they would at least be all the same shade?A. Thanks for the question. I am so sorry about your… Read More

Removing Red Dye from Whites

September 2, 2010

Q. This weekend I washed a load of whites and included 1 top with red trim with the load in cold water. The red dye left everything a faint pink color which I would like to remove, but I’m not sure of the best approach. The load contained:1 white dress… Read More

Well Water and Bleach Usage

August 17, 2010

Q. I have well water and know there is iron in it. So, when I bleach my whites, they turn yellowish. What can I use, either with bleach to prevent this, or instead of bleach? I have a brand new HE frontA. Well water and liquid bleach are just not… Read More

Mystery Spots on Fabrics

June 3, 2010

Q. For the last few years, we have had problems with spots on our clothing and towels. It’s like the fabric has been faded or bleached out in random spots on the towels and the collar area on t-shirts. It has also happened on our sheets. This happens with dark… Read More

Removing Dye Transfer from White Pants

March 25, 2010

Q. I own a HE washing machine. Recently I washed some white cotton pants with some black pants. (on warm/cool) I didn’t think the black clothing would run bit they did. My bad…How do I get my white pants “white” again? They haven’t been dried yet.A. Thanks for your question… Read More

Removing Red Dye

March 23, 2010

Q. I had a favorite white cotton (casual) blouse. I just washed it in cold water. But, my husband’s red bathing suit was also in the wash, and I now have a pink blouse. It is not uniformly pink — it has splotches of darker pink throughout. What would you… Read More

Removing Dye from a Cotton Blouse

March 16, 2010

Q. I had a favorite white cotton (casual) blouse. I just washed it in cold water with my husband’s red bathing suit also in the wash. Now I have a pink blouse. It is not uniformly pink—it has splotches of darker pink throughout. What would you suggest? Pre-soaking in Clorox?… Read More

Removing Red Dye from Top

March 2, 2010

Q. I had red color run from a pair of slacks onto a pink stretchy short top I wear under my suits. I tried immediately soaking the top in soapy water overnight, but that did not remove any of the color. A. It’s very good that you didn’t dry the… Read More

Removing Transferred Dye

February 16, 2010

Q. I am writing this from the UAE. Last time I put my color clothes together for washing, unfortunately one item got a stain (blue). Can you recommend a remedy? A. Not quite sure from your description whether the clothes that were made blue were white or colored. This would… Read More

Cleaning White Pillowcases

January 5, 2010

Q. I accidentally washed my 500 thread count pillowcases with a pair of dark pants. They are now golden brown. The care label says use only non-chlorinated bleach when needed. What do I do, I want them back to white so bad! Any suggestions? A. Hopefully you didn’t dry the… Read More

Pre-Treatment Product Usage

December 10, 2009

Q. When I use Wisk directly on stains and let it sit for a while before going into the laundry, often it bleaches my colors where I put the Wisk. What is the cause of this? A. I suspect that a couple of things may have happened here. A common… Read More

Removing Transferred Dye

November 5, 2009

Q. I hope you can help me with the following two questions: Can you please let me know which is the best detergent (in terms of removing stains/dirt and keeping the colors) for whites and which one for colors? I’ve noticed that with some clothes I own with fabrics… Read More

Removing Pale Green Color from Clothing

August 27, 2009

Q. I have a problem. I used Clorox® Oxi Magic Powder on a white cotton blouse. Took the stain right out. Unfortunately, I did not read the small print on the OxiMagic until after I hand washed the blouse in hot water, Tide® and Clorox® Regular-Bleach1, my blouse… Read More

Removing Stains from Satin

August 13, 2009

Q. I have a white satin blouse that ended up in my load of white & beige wash load. I had added bleach, and when I took the clothes out of the washer my white satin blouse had rusty-looking or scorched stains all over it. I think the bleach removed… Read More

Red Ink Stain

July 7, 2009

Q. Red ink from a red label spread onto an off-white sweater. Do you have any ideas how to make the sweater off-white again? A. This may depend on whether you have dried the item and the fiber composition of the sweater. I would like to find out if the… Read More

Yellowing From Bleach

June 23, 2009

Q. I put bleach on a pair of shorts — now they are yellow. How can I get them back to white? A. Afraid I may not have good news for you. I assume that you placed concentrated bleach directly on the shorts and after washing you have a yellow… Read More

Removing Green Hue from Clothing

June 4, 2009

Q. I have a new front load washer — I have been following all instructions but have noticed some of my whites and some lightly colored items coming out with a green hue. Can you help me? A. Your green hue description is really unusual. If there was a potential… Read More

Removing Black Dye from Whites

May 27, 2009

Q. My daughter at college just called: she washed a black sweater with all of her whites and now, of course, all of her whites are blackish grey. A few of the items can be bleached but I really don’t know what to tell her to do. I’m not even… Read More

Removing Dye from Sweatshirts

April 28, 2009

Q. I washed a sweatshirt and it bled into another one. What can I do to fix this? A. I probably don’t have very good news for you, since I’m assuming the sweatshirts aren’t white and they probably have been dried in the dryer, which sets the dye on the… Read More

Bleaching Embroidery

February 24, 2009

Q. I treated stains on some vintage formal white linen napkins with bleach, and then washed them alone with some Tide. There are initials embroidered on the napkins in white thread. The white embroidery has turned blue in varying degrees. I have applied straight vinegar with no result. Can I… Read More

Removing Transferred Dye from Clothes

January 29, 2009

Q. How can I remove dye from one shirt that was transferred from another? I’m not sure what to do because the stained shirt is not white.A. I probably don’t have very good news for you since the items aren’t white and they probably have been dried in the dryer,… Read More

Removing Transferred Dye from Washing Machine

January 22, 2009

Q. About 2 months ago, I bought some black bedding and some black jeans. I always make sure I wash the black items together. However, I suspect that recently these items have bled in the wash and some of the dye is still in my machine’s drum. Since I bought… Read More

Bleach Stains

November 20, 2008

Q. I was cleaning in the bathroom when a few drops of Clorox splashed onto my black cotton pants. Is there a way to remove the orange stains? A. I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you. Black cotton dyes are among the most susceptible to bleaching and once… Read More

Blue stains on white laundry

November 5, 2008

Q. I have some really bad blue stains on almost all of my white laundry. I have added bleach to my laundry load, and it doesn’t seem to help. I have used the Clorox® Bleach Pen Gel and that doesn’t seem to get the blue out either. Do you… Read More

Camisoles made with mixed materials

October 31, 2008

Q. I have several white camisoles that are made of basic stretchy t-shirt cotton, with lace at the throat and for the straps. I washed them with Clorox® UltimateCare® Bleach in an all-white load. Now, the shirts are brilliantly white, but all the lace on every shirt turned a… Read More

Black and White Shirt: Your Questions

October 28, 2008

Q. I have a black & white shirt, and when I washed it, the black bled into the white. So now instead of having a black & white shirt, I have a black and dingy white shirt. Is there anything I can do to return the white to its normal… Read More

Bleach Stains: Your Questions

October 15, 2008

Q: I used Clorox Bleach on some new white men’s briefs. They turned yellow. I have never had this to happen before. Do you know what may have caused this? A: It would have been helpful if you indicated how the bleach was used to narrow down the… Read More

Detergent Dye Stains?

October 2, 2008

Q: My daughter used a purple dye-based laundry detergent. I don’t know the brand. She washed a red sweatshirt, which was 60% cotton, 40% polyester, and the purple dye from the detergent transferred to the sleeve of the sweatshirt. She dried it in the dryer. Is there any… Read More

Bleach Stains on Clothes: Your Questions

September 17, 2008

Q: I had a stain on a 100% cotton golf shirt. It had been washed a few times when I finally saw the stain. I took a Q-tip and dipped it into Clorox Bleach and rubbed it on the stain. I have done this before on white clothing… Read More

Bleeding Colors: Your Questions

August 13, 2008

Q: My wife has a shirt that is red with white trim. I did not see the shirt and I started a load of reds. I filled the tub with warm water and Clorox® Stain Remover & Color Booster powder. I put the clothes in to soak. Read More

Your Questions: Bleach Stains on Khakis

July 15, 2008

Q: I sprayed two light khaki pants with Clorox Stain Out. They faded in the area that I pretreated. It also got onto other fabrics in the wash and it looks as though I put Clorox® Regular-Bleach1 on them. What can be done about this? These were… Read More

Your Questions: Leaving Clorox 2 on Fabrics

June 3, 2008

Q: Help! We have a dress that we were trying to get mud stains out of… we mistakenly let the Clorox 2 dry on it and now have yellow stains all over it. It is an orange and white seersucker dress…can it be saved? A: I don’t have… Read More

Your Questions: White Bathing Suit Discoloration

May 16, 2008

Q: I have a white bathing suit. It has only been worn two times. I washed it with Clorox bleach and it now has a slight yellow tinge to it. The tag said do not use in chlorine. My questions are… Does bleach have chlorine in it? How… Read More

Your Questions: Oxidation and Stains

May 9, 2008

Q: I have some used baby clothes that looked clean when I packed them away, but when I got them out to prepare them for the birth of my second child, they had yellow stains around the neck from spit-up and/or formula. Can anything get these stains out?A:… Read More

Your Questions: Dye Transfers

May 2, 2008

Q: Dear Dr. Landry, I found your website very informative, and seek your help. I carefully washed the laundry with pastel colors and my husband’s brand new and favorite t-shirt came out with light blue stains caused by bleeding. I soaked it in Oxy Clean, Clorox for Colors,… Read More

Your Questions: Mystery Blue Spots on Clothes

April 18, 2008

Q: The first time I washed and dried a red velour outfit, I discovered it had blue spots on it, though it didn’t have them when I put it in the wash. I remembered my daughter brushed the sleeve on some chocolate, so I had spot-treated with Shout. Read More

Your Questions: White + Red = Pink

January 22, 2008

Q: My husband washed a red sweatshirt with his whites which are now pink. Can his dress shirts be saved and turned white again? They are cotton/polyester blend.A: Oops on the red sweatshirt! After the shirts have been dried they are pretty well dyed pink from the red… Read More

Your Questions: Bleach and Doilies

October 10, 2007

Q: I have a 56-year-old hand crocheted ruffled doily I made. I washed it, and then stretched it to shape it on a piece of foam broad that I had drawn circles and straight lines on as a guide for stretching. I covered the board with waxed paper… Read More

Your Questions: Sports Stains

October 2, 2007

Q: I have 26 – 85% polyester, 15% spandex little league football pants that are 75% white and 25% dark blue, and full of dirt, grime and grass stains. I put liquid Clorox 2 on the stains and let them sit a little too long, and the white… Read More

Your Questions: Fading Stains

September 20, 2007

Q: I have a question for you. I recently used the Clorox UltimateCare Bleach on a white cotton shirt. I poured it directly onto the stain and was going to leave it on for the 3 minutes as the instructions stated. But then was interrupted and it was… Read More

Your Questions: Dye Bleeding

March 26, 2007

Q: I have a child’s t-shirt with a background that used to be white. The design has grass green, a little red and royal blue, and a little sun with yellow in it. Somehow the background/white part is now pink. Is there a way to get the white… Read More

Your Questions

July 14, 2006

Wow, it’s been another very busy couple of weeks! This time I was helping to shoot some new Clorox® Anywhere Hard Surface ™ daily sanitizing spray commercials.  It is another innovative product that’s great for busy consumers. I told you earlier that I have been shooting some commercials for a… Read More

Tips on Mixing Grays with Whites

June 8, 2006

I wanted to address RB’s question from last week on mixing grays with the whites.I think it’s great that you have the sweaty clothes (exercise is great!!). And I know just what you mean about wanting to make sure they get clean and disinfected. Nothing better than detergent and… Read More