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5 Things to Have Ready at Home for School

Think homework’s hard? It's harder when you don’t have the right stuff for the job.

Here’s how to keep the essentials for school life stocked up at your house, for a healthier and more productive school year.

• Pencils and Pencil Holder

When everything’s in one place, getting started on homework is easier. Make a pencil/pen case out of a Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes container.

• Journal

Making time to write every day can help children develop writing and recall skills, and can give them an outlet to express themselves.

• Lunch Containers and Bags

Homemade lunch is only as good as the container it gets to school in. Keep spills in check and tummies happy with GladWare® Containers.

• USB Stick

More and more school projects are digital. Keep a USB stick handy to make saving, handing in and marking their work, easier!

• Kids Calendar

With their own calendar, they’ll learn about planning and scheduling their lives — they might even help you remember a thing or two!

Tip: Don’t forget about the basics! Extra paper, pencils and even a stapler will be used over and over throughout the years.

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