Cold & Flu

5 Ideas to Keep Kids Clean

Take a fun approach to hygiene, which is a big part of keeping cold and flu germs away.

It’s a challenge to teach your kids the importance of hygiene. If you’ve ever experienced the one-sided game of hide-and-go-seek that ensues after you’ve drawn them a bath, then you know the struggle. The solution lies in taking a fun approach to hygiene, which is a big part of keeping cold and flu germs away.

Here are five ways to make staying clean fun for your kids:

  1. Make a trip to the store and let your child select special “bath toys” to be used only during bath time. With an assortment of quality plastic toys, kids should have plenty to occupy themselves with, and they’re not the only bath creatures “suffering” through the ordeal! Bubble bath and tear-free shampoos and conditioners are also great.
  2. Bath time can be an opportunity for your child to settle down at the end of the day. Try finishing the bath by reading from a favorite book.
  3. For children ages 3 and up, consider a showerhead tailored for their height with a gentler water flow. These often come in cute animal shapes. It’s a good balance of fun and “adult.”
  4. Let’s face it, teeth-brushing is not really fun for any of us. Find a few songs your kid enjoys that last around two or three minutes — the appropriate length of time to brush your teeth — and make them standard “teeth-brushing songs.” Kids will brush to the rhythm of the song and know that when the song is over they can stop.
  5. To encourage your children not to rush when washing their hands, have them sing through The Happy Birthday Song twice before they finish.

For adults, staying clean is a pleasant activity. It’s not difficult to start these pleasant associations early on, though, by teaching your child that hygiene is personal time, not a chore.

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