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5-Day Planning Guide for Back-to-School

Stressing out about back to school? Don’t pull your hair out — save that for report cards.

Here’s a how-to 5-day planning guide to help get you and your kids on track for a productive school year.

Day 1:

Start bedtime early. The earlier you can start them off on a proper school bedtime (even though it’s ‘still technically summer’) the better.

Day 2:

Computer/Printer check. That blinking light on your printer has been trying to tell you something for a while now. It’s probably a good time to get fresh toner or ink.

Day 3:

Wardrobe inventory. Make sure they’re all stocked up on socks and underwear, and maybe grab a Clorox 2® Pen* just in case they spill on their new favorite shirt before they go out the door.

Day 4:

Plan a grocery trip. Having a few meals planned for the week (and all the ingredients to make them) will help the family ease into a new hectic schedule. Use GladWare® to pack tasty leftovers for lunch.

Day 5:

Practice run to school. Back-to-school and anxiety go hand in hand. Practicing the route to school will help ease the minds of both kids and parents alike.

Tip: Start back-to-school shopping early, just in case you can’t find everything you need in one place!

*Use as directed

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