Tips on Deck Cleaning

Doll up your deck! Revive that weathered wood with these handy solutions.

To wash patio furniture, please see full instructions here.

Patio moss and mildew stains can be unsightly, slippery and dangerous. Follow these instructions to clean decks with Clorox® Outdoor Bleach:

  1. Water nearby plants thoroughly before using product.
  2. Wear old clothes, rubber gloves, and safety glasses; plastic rain boots are super helpful, too.
  3. Prepare the cleaning solution:  for painted or finished, aged, or light woods add 13¾ cups water to a plastic bucket, then add 2¼ cups Clorox® Outdoor Bleach to the water and stir slowly to reduce foaming.
  4. Colorfastness Test: apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to a less visible part of the deck, wait 15 minutes, then blot dry. No color change means the material can be safely bleached.
  5. Prewet surfaces using garden hose with spray nozzle.
  6. Apply cleaning solution using a brush or broom on horizontal surfaces, and a sponge or mop on vertical surfaces. Heavily soiled surfaces may require scrubbing.
  7. Allow bleach solution to contact surface for up to 15 minutes.
  8. Rinse thoroughly with water from a garden hose. Be sure rinse water drains to a sanitary sewer. DO NOT allow product or rinse water to enter storm drains, lakes, streams, or other bodies of water.
  9. Re-water nearby plants, especially any that may have been exposed to runoff.
  10. Discard any unused bleach solution by pouring down the sink.

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