6 Ways to Make Cleaning a Crafty Game

Even us adults drag our feet when it comes to cleaning up.

Even us adults drag our feet when it comes to cleaning up. So you can’t really blame the little tykes for trying to avoid cleaning when there are so many other fun things to do. Here are 6 ways to make cleaning a crafty game.

1. Singing. Kids love singing, even if they are off-key. Or you are.

2. Dancing. If they think that cleaning is a fun new dance they might dance the toys right back into their rooms. Add in a swiping move and hand them a broom.

3. Treats. While it is not a good idea to always associate food with rewards, sometimes nothing is more motivating than something covered in chocolate. And if they drop it? No problem.

4. Seek and hide. Turn the whole thing into a hide-and-seek game, where they must seek out their toys and hide them in their toy boxes. This will work until they realize it isn’t fun.

5. Tricking. Make up a game where you need to lift up each item and put it away so you can see if there is a treasure hidden in the house. This will prepare them for a lucrative career in panning for gold.

6. Terror. If you still can’t get them to clean, tell them the story of the boys and girls who got lost in their own messy rooms and were never heard from again save for the terrified shrieks late at night coming from deep within the toy piles.

Best of luck in the never-ending battle to reclaim your house.

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