6 Gross Things You See on a Family Road Trip

Watch out for these yucky road hazards.

Summertime is a great time to pack the family into the old wagon (or minivan) and hit the road in search of old-fashioned American adventure. But watch out for these yucky road hazards.

1.   Creepy roadside attractions. Sure, it’s fun to see strange and wondrous oddities from parts unknown. But does anyone need to see “World’s Biggest Tissue Pile”? Actually, that sounds kinda interesting.

2.   Gas station bathrooms. This is a missed money making opportunity. Don’t remote roadside gas station attendants know that travelers would gladly pay to use a clean bathroom? Double if they’re in the middle of potty training??

3.   Bad diner food. Sometimes, those funky, out-of-the way diners are a pleasant surprise that offer good food and a nice respite from the sameness of fast food and freeways. Other times, they’re the site of your last meal.

4.   Smelly car emissions. Cars emit foul gaseous fumes. At least, that’s what Dad can say when Mom gets mad and angrily rolls down the window.

5.   Terrible music. Kids hate mom’s ‘80s pop. Mom hates Junior’s grindcore. Junior hates Sissy’s bubblegum dance trash. There’s only one thing they DO agree on: everyone hates talk radio.

6.   Road remains. Sad but true, interstates are peppered with the carcasses of rodents and other unlucky animals. Fortunately, the kids won’t see these because they’ll have their faces buried in their mobile devices.

So start your engines and ease on down the road! Just make sure your detours aren’t dead ends.

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