5 Ways Your Teen Fights Being Organized

If only "Messiness" was a viable career option.

We love our teens. They are like miniature versions of us, only smoother and with firmer skin. That said, it seems like they should be better at keeping things organized, considering they are almost adults. If only “Messiness” was a viable career option. But since it’s not, it’s important to be aware of their top avoidance tactics.


    1. Selective hearing. Teen humans have the innate ability to seem like they can’t comprehend parental words. This is due mainly to the constant presence of noise canceling headphones.


    1. Avoidance. When it’s time to do laundry or clean up their messes, teens use their natural cloaking abilities to remain invisible to detection. In order to locate them, a parent must use social channels. Start with their last check-in on the internet.


    1. Social commitments. Teens are social animals, and many times are surrounded by friends. This is a modern version of safety in numbers: keep the pack large enough so parents feel outnumbered.


    1. Emotions. The most powerful tool in the teen parent-controlling arsenal is the emotion. Teens have the ability to immediately become sad, angry or needy at the mere mention of, “Honey I need you to…”


    1. Bargaining. Teens are learning to master the all-important skill of bargaining. For instance, parents might say they want the teen to do a chore, and the teen might counter with a need to get something in return. Need laundry folded? You may be forced to watch a teen vampire show in exchange. Which is arguably not that bad of a deal.

You’ve peeked behind the veil of teen disorganization. Try to break through the clutter and get that teen orderly.

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