5 Things to Prep for the Game

Here are 5 ways to prep for the party.

The big game is touching down soon! Strap on your gear and get running back to the store to stock up for your social shindig. Here are 5 ways to prep for the pigskin party.

1.  Pre-party cleanup. It’s always annoying to have to clean your home twice on party day: once before guests arrive (so they don’t think you’re a total slob) and then again after they leave (so you don’t feel like a total slob). If you don’t have time to do a thorough clean just turn the lights to dim and tell guests it’s for better TV viewing.

2. Prepare for thrills … and spills. Depending on how exciting the game gets, you should plan on cleaning up some post-party stains. Remember game day food staples like salsa, frosting, beer and BBQ are not the enemy. The opposing team is.

3. Light the grill. Sure it’s cold. Or unseasonably hot — depending where in the country you live. But nothing says “I heart football” like a big ketchup stain on your favorite shirt. Sure it’s a sacrifice, but it’s the least you can do to support your team.

4. Clean the bowl. The toilet bowl, that is.  When your friends say the game “stunk,” you want to be sure it was because their team lost — and not because of your pre-party cleaning skills.

5. Tarp and hose. If you’re feeling particularly lazy … this may be extreme, but remember how when you teach a toddler to eat, you might lay some newspaper under their high chair so you’re not constantly mopping? Same idea. If your friends are extreme pigs — or just big drinkers — consider laying down a tarp before anyone comes over. Hose people off as they leave. Everyone will appreciate the ease.

You’re all set for the sports party of the year. Just remember, it’s not fantasy football: you may want to wear a helmet.

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