5 Messes Found In Locker Rooms

Even world-class athletes need help keeping things clean.

Every four years the world comes together and sends their greatest athletes to compete in feats of wonder and amazement. The rest of us just sit on the couch, munch snacks and make a mess. What do we have in common? Even world-class athletes need help keeping things clean. Here are 5 messes that might be found in sporting event locker rooms.

1.   Athlete’s food. Not to be confused with Athlete’s Foot, athlete’s food is any stray bits of performance-enhancing snacks the athletes have left as they made their hasty exits to the competition. Just because you’re a world-class athlete, it doesn’t mean your chips don’t stink.

2.   Towels. Many super athletes are in their teens and early 20s, and as you may know this age group (among many others) is notorious for leaving piles of wet towels in the corner. And while their moisture mountains may create gold medal mildew, yours may need more help.

3.   Blood. When you travel in elite circles such as these you may find yourself on the business end of an elbow …  or an ice skate. When that happens, rest easy knowing that at least the blood stains go well with gold, silver or bronze.

4.   Sweat. Outside of the games, sweat stains are an embarrassment. Inside? A badge of honor. Still, once the cheering dies down, you’re gonna want to get rid of those — and stat.

5.  Tears. Sometimes the tears are of victory; other times, defeat. But mostly they’re from the smell of the locker room.

So as you gawk in wonder as these perfect human specimens defy physics and the odds, just remember that their jumpsuits get smudges the same as ours. But their jumpsuits come with endorsement deals.

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