4 Ways To Make Cleaning Romantic

Here are four ways to make cleaning romantic.

If you have one of those partners who loves Valentine’s Day, and you don’t make at least a medium deal out of it, you might be in some really hot water — and not the kind that gets clothes super clean. One thing you can do to make V Day special is to turn ordinary things into romantic adventures. Here are four ways to make cleaning romantic:

1. Candles/soft lighting. Set the mood with some candles, lava lamp or other soft lighting. Everyone looks better in low light — with the added bonus that whatever dirt you don’t see, you don’t have to clean. 

2. Flowers. Flowers are instant romance and make any room fresher and brighter. Except once they start rotting, then they drop petals all over, and the water gets gooey and green, and oh the smell. But before you settle for plastic flowers, try this tip: add 1/4 teaspoon Clorox® Regular-Bleach to each quart of water used in your vase to extend the life of freshly cut flowers.

3. Bottle of red wine. Wait, actually red wine totally stains everything. So let’s go with white wine. But it has to be chilled and you’re never going to remember to do that ahead of time. OK, back to red and use this tip for any stains.

4. Sensual music. Oh yeah baby, slide on over here and let’s move real slow and lean down and … pick up those crackers the kids threw on the floor this morning. Sexy time! 

OK, so it might be a stretch to make cleaning feel romantic. But at least it can be made more fun than normal. Best part is that even if you get into hot water and have a fight, make-up cleaning is the best.

Use products as directed.

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