4 Things You Should Never Do in the Bathroom

It’s a good idea to make the bathroom off-limits to multitasking.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s tempting to do everything, anywhere at any time. But despite our new ability to take productivity devices with us anywhere we go, it’s a good idea to make the bathroom off-limits to multitasking. Here are four things you should never do in the bathroom.

1. Video conference. It’s tempting in this “work from home” era to roll a video conference over into a bathroom visit. Don’t. One false move and “Flush” will be your new nickname at the office. This is a high risk, no reward situation.

2. Eat. This should be a no-brainer but some people need it spelled out. As clean as your toilet may be, you still shouldn’t feel comfortable eating in there. Any crumbs or mess can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable questions from spouses or roommates. And any parents whose had the “is that chocolate pudding on the floor, oh please let that be chocolate pudding” will tell you that eating in the can is just a no-no.

3. Nap. Despite the fact that this might be the best bet for a little shuteye at work, napping in a public restroom is a terrible idea. The uncomfortable positions you’ll be in while sleeping will leave you feeling anything but ­­­­rested.

4. Videos. Texting on the toilet is probably something Ms. Manners would rule against, but that may be a losing battle. Everyone does it — whether they admit it or not. But videos? That’s taking impropriety to a whole other level. Only jesters would make an endless loop of themselves in the royal chamber.

So keep your worlds separate. There’s a reason they call it “you time” — because no one else should be involved.

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